Invited addresses

'Art, public space and the audience', The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2012

‘Art, public space and the audience’, The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, 2012

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2017: Invited address Memorial landscapes of the Miami Beach Art Deco Historic District, Miami to Morecambe: Transatlantic Seaside Moderne Symposium, The Midland, Morecambe, October 8

2017: Panelist round-table event Burlesque in the North: Spatial Politics and Sexual Citizenship, School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds, July 11

2017: Invited address ‘Coming Out of Materiality: Public Art and Sexuality in the Digital Age’Dynamiques spatiales du genre Research Group at UMR Géographie-cités, Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7), Sorbonne Paris Cité, June 15

2017: Invited address ‘Special Lecture: Whither Digital Public Art? The Question of Amphibian Matter’, Graduate School of Global Arts, Department of Arts Studies and Curational Practices, Tokyo University of the Arts, April 7

2017: Invited address ‘Online Mediated Geographies of Public Art: The Case of Paul McCarthy’s Tree Installation’, as part of the The Alchemical Landscape Research Group Seminar Series, Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH), University of Cambridge, January 31

2016: Invited address ‘Home Is Where You Start From: Digital Public-Art Mobilities and the Making of Alternative Urban Economies’. The “un-conference” Dwelling and Its Discontents: Art, Home and Economy, Newcastle upon Tyne, July 14-15 July, as part of PROTOHOME (, a multi-actor self-build housing project.

2016: Invited address ‘Reconfiguring the City through Digital Practices: User-Created Contents and Conflicts in Public Art Engagements’, as part of the Cities & Society Seminar Series, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Oslo, April 14, followed by the delivery of a master class on virtual ethnography and digital research methodologies, April 18.

2016: Invited keynote address ‘Communication/Immunisation: Challenges to Public Art in a “Convergence Culture”‘ [Communicatie/Immunisatie: Uitdagingen voor Publieke Kunst in een ‘Convergentiecultuur’], National Art and Community Expert Meeting, co-convened by Tresoar (Frisian Historical and Literary Centre), Cultural Heritage Agency of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Gerrit Rietveld Academy’s Lectorate Art & Public Space (LAPS) and Academy Minerva’s Image in Context/Research Centre Arts & Society, Amsersfoort, March 16.

2015: Invited address ‘Public campus art and youth micropublics’. Symposium Curating the Campus: Public Art and British Universities, University of Leeds, Leeds, June 11.

2014: Invited address ‘Public art as micropublic: on engagement, confrontation agonism’ and workshop on artwork ‘Expansion’ [Expansie]. After the Unveiling [Na de Onthulling] – ‘Radio Balzac’ Symposium, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, September 15

2013: Invited address ‘Public involvement in public-art practice in the Netherlands and Flanders’ [Publieke betrokkenheid in de publieke kunstpraktijk in Nederland en Vlaanderen]. Provided in Master class contemporary visual art in public space [Masterclass hedendaagse beeldende kunst in de publieke ruimte] on behalf of LOCUS and De Nieuwe Opdrachtgevers, Genk, July 3

2012: Invited address ‘Art in public space: navigating between autonomy, censorship and public acceptation’. Annual meeting of Genius, Association of Gay Professionals, Haarlem, November 24

2012: Invited address and discussion ‘Art in the contemporary city: art from a geographical perspective’. Symposium of Brabant Knowledge Centre for Art and Culture (BKKC), Den Bosch, November 1 (click here for report)

2012: Two invited address and two workshops ‘Communicating via Internet and social media’ for The Foundation for Refugee Students UAF. Provided on behalf of Babel language institute at Babel, Utrecht, August 28

2012: Think-tank session on Eindhoven’s ambition of becoming European Capital of Culture in 2018 – invite from the Royal Commissioner of the Dutch province of North Brabant, prof. dr. Wim van de Donk. Country estate De Baest, Oirschot, August 23

2012: Workshop and invited address ’Art, public space and the audience’: on the roles and uses of public art, the public artist, contemporary urban public space and the audience. Provided on behalf of Sculpture International Rotterdam (SIR) at The International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR), De Dépendance, Rotterdam, August 7

2012: Literary performance ‘Kunst op straat, meer dan sukkels op sokkels’ [‘Art on the streets, more than dopes on pedestals’]. Festival deBeschaving (Consider Alternatives), Utrecht, June 30

2012: Expert panel discussion on site-specific land art for city park Landelijk Strijp, Eindhoven. Symposium Verbinding in Het Groene Woud [Connection in The Green Forest Symposium], Eindhoven, June 15

2012: Invited address, debate and workshop about the roles and uses of art in public space. Kunstlokaal42, Helmond, May 16

2012: Consultation and advice session with Cultural Affairs of the Municipality of Utrecht regarding preliminary investigations on a large-scale art project in the Utrecht Central Station Area in 2013, March 13

2011: Two expert panel discussions on Santa Claus a.k.a. the ‘Butt Blug Gnome’ by Paul McCarthy. Discussion as part of Wunderbaum’s performance Looking for Paul in Rotterdam Theatre, Rotterdam, March 27 & 28